(tp 1 pos +80, 2nd pos +130) CHFJPY , a trade which has been held since 2 weeks ago

JPY pairs in general have been on the rise since late Oct.

CHFJPY closed above previous historic high of 115.53.
One way in which how I look for SAR is by historic high.
However, SAR is only of use when price reacts around it.

week14 Chfjpy monthly chart 115.53 111213

From this chart price remains supported above 115.53.
Hence I will assume this is long until the day it closes below 115.53
The upside of this trade is we are looking into potential new highs, and in such situation
it is always better to think that higher can go higher.

week15 chfjpy support at 11553 for 7 days 181213

I do not think there will be any real outcome until the start of 2014.

update 271213

I have taken one position yesterday at the top. With prices going higher into space,
I will look towards adding at the next support.

week51 chfjpy  3 day resistance turn support 271213

updated 030114

all out for chfjpy. Manual tp before price plunged.
Now price back to previous power support level.

week1 chfjpy manual tp 130 pips 030114


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