AUDNZD big plunge since April 2013 looking at Price Action from current resistance

AUDNZD has been in a bear trend start of 2013, with big plunge from April.
The consolidation period lasted about 4 years though.
From the big picture analysis, I am looking at a huge 2 decades’ worth of ED channel
with price travelling from the top to bottom of this channel.

week51 audnzd monthly big picture showing w1 res level 261213

Whether price breaks this channel or not is story for another day, but right now I am looking monitoring price action at d1 chart from an identified w1 resistance level.

Many a times, the 52-weeks levels identified has price reacting to it.In the D1 charts,
price actually stalled for 4 months below closing below and plunging another 300 pips.
It is this type of confluence which gives confidence for trades to be placed.

As price comes to the current resistance , I will therefore need to see bearish signs before I can proceed to go short.

week51 audnzd monitoring price action 261213

updated 050114

This trade will be trading with trend.
1) The previous resistance identified has been proven, and a d1 bearish engulfing bar has signaled trend continuation , flushing a previous 4 days high as well. An intra-day retracement will be good for entry.

week2 AUDNZD D1 trade plan strong resistance proven 050114

updated 190114

week4 audnzd big 13TL hit pending 2 xh1 bear trap as ctt 190114

see how price has begun to respect the big 13TL, but to long is still too prematured yet.
Even the bear trap 2 x h1 low is still a super CTT long


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