(1 pos BE out , tp2 + 70 , tp3 + 130 tp4 + 190) EURAUD double top retest saga continues

entering for the 3rd time, With 4 positions on Thursday night after ECB conference.
I find ECB conference tricky to trade since the recent months ,
as ECB conference starts at 915pm , but it does not stop till past 11pm.
As the candle closes at 10pm, I have to make the decision in the midst of the conference.
As Draghi is known to create volatility with his speech, I find entering at this time based on the h4 candlestick to be tricky on many occasions.
On this entry, I had to endure a day’s worth of paper loss , up to 90+ pips.
( could have minimized it by limit orders near point 2)

week2 euraud short 3rd time 100114

Eventually price moved after NFP and now looking for TP zones.

I am all out by Monday was very pleased with the discipline and duration of trade.
Certainly I see improvement in my trade management.

week3 euraud trade outcome plus 130 plus 190 140114


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