( +120 , +60 , +4 ran away ) GBPJPY Wr3B flush

This is a conviction trade. I need to believe that this d1 bullish engulfing occurring via d1 line chart/ mega fib3 also completed a WR3B.
Went up and down and seemed stopped at 13TL by end of week.

week3 GBPJPY Wr3B D1 flush 150114

Trade is only wrong when price drops below the Wr3B support zone

week3 gbpjpy wr3B flush update 180114

updated 250114

week4 gbpjpy wr3B outcome plus 120 plus 60 plus 4 250114

I am just glad that this trade was not a lose trade, as I ran away just before gbp news, something which i had earlier stated that this is the news that will drive the price to move.
In the end I was left with only 1 position to take advantage of this move but I was happy that my TP level was good enough to secure profits before price came down.

My conclusion is : better Entry price may have helped in stronger psychology to hold this trade, but at the same time I am happy to escape from a loss for this trade.

However, I tempered with other positions as the past few days price kept bouncing up to +100, and then drop -100 . Finally, I decided to take profit at 60 pips for 1 of the pos.


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