( -50 x 3) NZDUSD D1 1234 down with WR2B

NZDUSD D1 1234 completed with a Wr2B done as well via a strong bearish day close.
See how price is also playing the d1 fib along fib5 and fib6

week4 nzdusd d1 1234 waiting for retrace 180114

A retracement to WR2B/ pt2 will be prefect for sell limit will be good for entry

week4 NZDUSD h4 trade plan 190114

updated 250114

This was a trade which was disappointing.

1. I did not follow, or refer to the original trade plan
2. I let the trade go, without further investigation

Price eventually went the correct direction but I was manual cut loss before the move could happen. I shorted on a long h4 bearish close below 2 day low.

week4 nzdusd h4 trade outcome minus 50 x 3 250114


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