week1 ( scratch trade -10,-4,-5) EURUSD D1 trend is still up, but trading ctt short with h1 hns

I can see from d1 eurusd chart is still uptrend
From line chart I can also see a potential ihs if the right shoulder can be formed.

week5 d1 eurusd line chart ihs wtt 270114

It is with this notion that I therefore look to play out this right shoulder.
However, the crux is that this right shoulder has not been formed. I am only assuming that there is a probability that price might be playing out this right shoulder,
as these are the confluences that I see:
1) D1 shooting star with resistance at d1 line chart
2) h1 Head and Shoulders formed at w1 res
3) In conjunction with Wr2B pending 10pm close.

week5 eurusd h1 hns ctt short 270114

Since this is a CTT, I will look towards quick TP at the next w1 support/ d1 line chart

updted 020114

this trade turned out to be a scratch trade. Obviously I will not be employing a set and forget approach towards my trades anymore since I have turned full time and hence will be expecting to monitor the markets more. To be fair to the progress seen in price, i did see a 2 day consecutive hammer, which I will conclude what I did at the point of time when I exited,
was right.

week5 eurusd scratch trade 010214


What i could have done better though, was to look for a short on friday’s opening, since
thursday was a bearish close below 2 days of hammer.
What I will have to do, is to look for a small consolidation, preferably between my identified levels.
My only concern for this was it was resting on a “supposed” left shoulder; a potential right shoulder could be forming. but the word is only “potential”

week5 eurusd expansion below 4 days low can do better here 010214


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