( rd1: BE +2 , +40 long, rd2: +30 , +30 short rd3: 1 pos ) week 6 EURAUD potential head and shoulder neckline support play

Trades like this requires me to know what phase of price pattern that I am playing for.

From D1, I see a potential Head and Shoulder in the making. Price is now at neckline but there is no right shoulder yet. I ONLY see this neckline as support now, which is formed from the previous Double Top resistance.

week6 EURAUD D1 at neckline support now 060214

From h4, a decent trigger will be a 2 x h1 box low bear trap which suggests a bounce from this support, potentially going on to form this neckline. Should price continue to tumble and close below the level identified, I will assume it is going into bearish mode.
Should it rebound, i will look to trade long towards a predictive right shoulder.
Since it is predictive, I will look to be nimble and take profit fast.

week6 euraud h4 action plan for  2 xh1 bear trap 060214

updated 070214

so the bullish h4 Price Action came as planned. I have triggered 2 pos, although not as perfect as I wanted to be as I triggered it at 2148 hours, before h4 close.
this is not good.
I am just glad the day ended as a hammer. I have a half chance now. I am saying half chance
as a day hammer does not mean it is going to move up soon, so price may revisit the strong support to collect more buy orders before deciding to move up.
I have decided to shift my SL up so as to minimize pip risk, to aovid a tradegy like the previous EURAUD trade. After all, this is still a Counter Trend trade for me, considering the recent downward momentum that lasted 2 weeks.

week6 euraud h1 action plan trades taken small 1234 seen 070214

updated 110214

week7 euraud flip trade 110214

Although preior long trades clocked up to 130 pips on paper profit, eventually I could not cash in and exited on +2 , +40. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with this trade as I made the neccessary trade management to be nimble on a CTT trade.
After my exit on long, I went short on 10am close to trade on a 3 xh1 wr of 3 days high.
checking the fib, price was resisted by previous week fib6, so there was a reason for price to continue downtrend, esp with +ve aud news out at 0830.

I have traded according to what I see in this flip trade, and I was happy to be fluid and in sync with this pair.

updated 120214

could have done better overall with the short trade, coming out with only +30 x 2 pos
need to persist and stick to my own levels.
Made up for the exit on short by entering on other aud x pairs.
Overall, satisfied with the decision to exit long trade n flipping to short trade.
However, still room for improvement to capture this short movement.

week7 euraud h4 flip trade outcome 120214

updated 140214

EURAUD is fast becoming my favourite and familiar pair to trade.

ON h4, a bullish expansion after poor AUD news created an upflow.

week7 euraud h4 plan to long towards right shoulder 140214

ON h1, I waited for a 1234 setup and looked to get into long. early at BB , and waiting for a good close of 1234 to get in additional pos.

week7 euraud 1234 bb entry 140214

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