week6 review: bad trades set the week back, get rid of them!

My trades for week6:

Good trades that I wish to continue taking in future:

AUDNZD : 6 pos in progress, my “A trade” of the week
XAUUSD: ( +10 B.E , + 120 ) , setup was “A” tp1 was A , tp2 could have been better if I used a dynamic level according to my own chart. I rank this as my “B+ trade” of the week

GBPCHF : (+5 , +10 , +40 , +10 , -70) entry point was ” A grade” but trade exit could have been better if I was less greedy. Could have Taken Profit with at least 100 pips for 2 positions.

Trades which i can do better with trade management:

EURAUD : edge was reasonable though not my strongest setup. counter trend false move.
( -50 , 2nd in progress) exited due to fear but exit was also the best level for entry!

GBPCAD : (-16, -70) , a trade with less edge but what i thought I did right was to manual exit with loss at h4 close after NFP. even though price eventually moved in right direction.

Rubbish trades that are detrimental to my account:

AUDUSD : ( -160, -140, -100) manual exit , tragedy and ” F(uck) trade” which was edgeless and valid SL could not be defined

AUDJPY : ( -10 , -50) , a trade which should not have been done at all, UNNECESSARY.

I am proud of these trades nevertheless , as I have taken myself off from twitter so as to remain an independent view of the markets. I trade on my own setup and analysis and at this point of time do not look forward to any others source of analysis.

This way, I take ownership of my trades. Every winning trade nourishes my confidence and builds a platform for my next bigger trade.
I take sole victory for my trade and he blame no one for my losing trades.
I empowers myself in this process and will goes on to become better each week.


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