( B.E + 3 , +2 ,+3) week7 NZDUSD h4 quickie play

similar to NZDJPY trade,
i saw a NZDUSD daily conviction close past 2 weeks high.
This can be taken to mean that price wants to move higher, rather than price looking to do a
fake out and move down.


week7 nzdusd h4 quickie play 120214


The mantra of price action is to trade what i see, and with this close beyond a fib6 downflow,
I believe that price is ready to move furuthur up.

My conviction came from the w1 persective:
Another price action evidence that I saw was the prior ‘almost’ bullish engulfing shown on a w1 basis.

week7 NZDUSD w1 bullish engulfing support at w1 support 120214

updated 140214

Quickie trades do certainly move fast but I will need to constantly remember and make partial TPs regularly as part of the trade exit strategies.

Entry was good but need to book profits constantly , especially so for quickie trades.

week7 nzdusd h1 quickie trade outcome 140214


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