(w7:-90, -90 ,-50), (w8: + 30 , +20) ( w9, +65, +77, +70) week7/8/9 CADJPY right direction, wrong timing, hasty and poorly executed trade

I was too anxious to see more profits from news that I have forgotten to refer to the bi picture
to find the optimum kill zone.

Anyhow shorted , thinking that “THIS” was the top at the 13TL retest.
Pure edgeless trade.

week7 cadjpy d1 hasty n lousy trade 150214

However, this does not mean the bias is wrong.
I still do stand by the fact that the market direction is right, only the timing is not ripe yet.

week7 CADJPY Monthly 1234 completed waiting for retrace 150214

Believe and Patience.

updated 201214

This should be the A* signal that I seek to trade on!
Bearish D1 kicker over wr3B.
Top grade!

week8 cadjpy h4 violent bulltrap bearish kicker 201214

updated 250214

I had Taken Profit in my first batch of short trades in week8, leaving me clean in CADJPY pairs.
As of Tuesday 250214 10pm, my sell stops were triggered after 1234 with multi days high were seen. As much as I will think the real pt4 is higher,
I will trade the 1234 i see now.

Acknowlegding that price may go higher , I look to Tp near the previous week bottom, leaving the rest to ride out.

week9 CADJPY 1234 2 xh1 WR 250214

updated 030214

another trade setup with 1234 multi day was completed. Trade went well and auto exited 2 positions at identified levels. Exited the 3rd one just before price spiked up. Excellent work.

week9 cadjpy h4 trade outcome excellent trade management 030214


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