week7 review : A week of hasty trade

I am dissatisfied with my trades this week.
Some of the trades were erroneously triggered,
some trades were trades borne out of greed.

There were no A trade this week.

GBPAUD engulfing news trade:did right + 180 , +78 , + 20 , in progress B+
GBPNZD engulfing trade : -99 , -99 , -70 did not work out
GBPUSD quickie criteria met but did not enter earlier before news + 60 experimental stage
GBPCHF buy stop news trading + 90 experimental stage
GBPJPY buy stop news trading +90 experimental stage
AUDCAD hasty trade – 40, -5 poor execution ( D grade)
GBPCAD h1 hns assumption trade , -6,-6 ( D grade)
EURJPY long trade -99,-99 C grade
USDCAD short trade 2 -80 D trade ( no defined support for pt4 although 1234 was good)
NZDUSD quickie B.E ( +2 x 3) C grade- entry good but exit point could be improved
NZDJPY quickie B.E ( +2 x 2) C grade – entry but did not exit to lock in the profit

EURAUD long flip short flip long. direction bias was all correct but did not tp more
+30 average each leg B grade for not holding more

AUDNZD : setup n entry pt was good as mentioned in week6 review but exit was not good as did not lock in profit + 10 av B grade for exit

CADJPY : hasty entry n exit -60 x 2 E grade

Overall, this week could be considered as overtrading.
Some trades were edgeless.


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