( -38 , BE +2 , -25 x 2)week8 NZDUSD potential WR2B with possible Head and Shoulders

A potential WR2B for NZDUSD which I see 2 possibilities:

1) Today price plunges through for a direct Wr2B trigger.
2) Price moving up to form a Right Shoulder. This gives more convincing power for a HNS neckline break cum WR2B

week8 NZDUSD h4 potential WR2B in progress with hns 190214

updated 200214

retracement limit Entry at Wr2B ‘iceline’. This is a term which Peter Brandt has coined. Price has closed below
the mentioned zone, completing a WR2B setup.

week8 NZDUSD retracement entry @ wr2b iceline 200214

updated 220214

trade is still on, but need to remind myself to TP fast as it is still a CT trade.
Took out one trade when day closed above iceline.

Looking at a D1 bullish flag to be played out

week9 NZDUSD D1 bullish flag still in play 220214

updated 020314

exited 1 trade at BE , 2nd trade exit @ -38


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