( +40 , BE +2) week9 EURGBP 4 xh1 1234 trigger off 13TL


On w1, I have seen a potential EWUS point for this pair to move up.
However, my view on EWUS has changed. I no longer just place a limit order on this type of levels.
I can use it to :
1) trade towards it as a magnet level
2) trade from it after an initial counter signal

week9 EURGBP w1 EWUS and where to look for TP 250214


I see a 1234 down forming,
– res from w1 low 2010
– 4 xh1 1234 WR
– 13TL broken.

I will go for it.

week9 EURGBP 1234 down 4 xh1 bull trap towards EWUS level 250214

updated 020314

good trade management after Tp1 and shift BE to prevent a massacre.
One of the better trades this week.

week9 EURGBP h4 trade outcome good trade management +40 BE 2 020314


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