( +40 , +2 BE , +3 manual exit) week9 EURAUD 1234 bear trap towards big right shoulder


Closing price remain supported by the neckline of ihs identified.
So potential Right Shoulder is still in play.

week9 EURAUD D1 line chart still supported for 1234 up 250214


Therefore this big picture on h4 fits into the big picture.
It fits the criteria of trigger no.1 : 1234 with multiple day low.
Tx shows a plot as well.
There is a decent support at 1.5171 which has not been touched yet.

week9 EURAUD h4 3 xh1 bear trap 1234 250214

updated 020314

so this is the trade which I have went against everyone in the community. And the bias of this trade have strengthened my confidence after it had moved in the analysed direction.
I did well to not follow the herd, and with each rebel ( but follow own analysis) trades that I took, I become more aware of the importance of traders being independence.

On the trading side , however I was not able to hold on to the trades as price was indeed turbulent. So eventually I gave up 2 positions as well.

week9 euraud h4 3 x h1 bear trap trade outcome 020314


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