( 3.E +5 x 3) week9 ASX Counter trend trade with head and shoulders

ASX- Aussie Index.


Seldom trade this pair
But was scrolling the chart and found it to be resisted at a mega fib6

week9 ASX w1 big picture 260214


shows a bearish engulfing and a potential Double Top. Could be on a cusp of a 400 points move
but aiming for that will also mean a long wait. Probably will test out Peter Brandt’s style of pyramiding, but more details have to be sorted out first.

week9 ASX D1 Double Top 270214


H4 shows a head and shoulders pattern emerging.
My trigger will be no.5 playing off a 2 day high bull trap from a mega resistance.
Personally, my entry was done after I attended a seminar and the speaker mentioned ASX as well. Sort of ‘confirmed’ my bias. I do not think this is a good way to gain conviction. But the moot point will be that the speaker was a fellow price action chartist as well.
My mentor also confirmed this pattern , after i keyed in the trade.

week9 ASX h4 head and shoulders personal entry 270214

Looking to see if price can close below neckline now for a more substantial move.

week9 ASX h4 trade outcome +5 280214


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