( no trade) week10 bearish setup from : -30cents week9 XAGUSD failed trade to generate oppoturnity in XAUUSD


1)What I did not do well:
hasty entry, without waiting for h4 close.

2)What i did well:

Subsequent close below 5-day iceline I manual cut loss and avoided furthur bloodshed.
It was a decisive trade exit.

3)What I could have done better to demonstrate mastery level:

I saw a bear trap, but it did not occur to me that a bear flag with invisible pole was forming! Had I seen this,I might have paid attention to the small 1234 downflow.

week9 xagusd h1 trade outcome invisible bear flag -30c 270214

Nevertheless, turning spurned chances into opportunities:


week9 XAUUSD WR2B CTT 1320 270214

updated 030314

Seems like bearish divergence for silver vs bullish gold and oil.
Looking at a bearish h1 continuation 1234 pattern towards a stronger support.
Optimum will be a bearish day close below the w1 key support

week10 XAGUSD bearish 1234 2 xh1 continuation 030314

updated 080314

no trade eventually as bullish expansion day did not allow me to enter a trade based on
right shoulders.

week10 XAGUSD 1234 no trade 080314


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