(-30,-25,-25) week9 GBPCHF Quickie bullish day expansion beyond 2 day high


placed buy limit for this trade. I am trading trigger no.2 Quickie, with combination of
trigger no.4 BB Breakout Magnet play.

Criteria for this trade:

1)Bullish day expansion beyond 2 days high( which is my iceline)
2)tx pattern seen with BB.
3)Day retracement fib5 confluence with 2 day high
4)If price close below iceline = bull trap. I cut loss.

hence any retracement towards 2 day high is a long.

week9 GBPCHF h1 Quickie bullish exp over 2 days 270214

updated 020314

almost was close to TP but eventually all 3 positions were stopped out.
Followed trade plan though and entry was good which minimized the eventual pip loss.

week9 GBPCHF h1 quickie trade outcome -30 x 3 280214

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