( -25, -27) week9 AUDCAD week by week uptrend, 1234 within 1234 bear trap


week by week AUDCAD is up , for past 8 weeks

Can see that multi confluence of w1 support , w1 orange box, fib5 h4 box up flow has provided support for point 4.

week9 AUDCAD h4 uptrend remains 280214


On h1 , a 4 xh1 bear trap can be seen
ED channel is seen as well.
D1 candle is a strong hammer, all pointing to upside.
will look to take profit near potential DT.
More importantly, 1234 within 1234 is observed which allows a ‘ last chance” entry before boat leaves.

week9 AUCAD h1 1234 within 1234 4 xh1 bear trap 280214

updated 020314

No qualms about losing this trade.
What was good about this trade exit was the small SL that was adhered to.

week9 AUDCAD h4 -25,-27 small SL 020314


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