( -55 x 3 )week10 EURUSD at critical juncture


After friday’s power expansion , it seemed clear that EURUSD will be strong at the moment.
However, it is reaching a w1 fib6 for the third time in 5 nonths.
Hence I have reasons to moot that a consolidation( perhaps of distributive) nature may be coming to an end, if 1.3833 was to be tested for the 3rd time and shows rejection.

week10 EURUSD MN at edge of confluence 010314


So monitoring if price can break out of this box, shows rejection, which I will be happy to trade on a Wr2D1B.

week10 d1 EURUSD counter intuitive levels analysis 010314

how this wr2d1B may play out in terms of trigger:
week10 EURUSD Boxed wr2d1b 010314


However I am looking to long in the very now. Looking to trade a quickie when price retraces
Friday’s close was a very powerful bullish close.

week10 EURUSD h4 quickie with the moment 010314

updated 030314

price gapped out upon Russian pending invasion.
Looking to use this opportunity for gap fill / buy limit trade.
Iceline remains valid till broken.

week10 EURUSD h1 buy limit filled on gap down 030314

updated 080314

lost this trade. Followed Quickie trade plan but did not work out.
On hindsight, it is so easy to see that the d1 pivot level became the support but it will be hard to justify quickies with a larger sl.

week10 EURUSD -55 x 3 better stop loss 080314


Monitoring how price will react at a suspect confluence. EUR probably to consolidate for a while at least, if not up. No signs of bear. Which means to say EURAUD short has got to wait for a while.
week11 EURUSD d1 at resistance confluence 080314


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