( +4 x 3 BE , waiting for 2nd round short) week9/10 USDCAD Wr2B CTT

Naked Chartist


Big picture shows the reason why a shooting star was formed the 2nd time.

week9 USDCAD Monthly key levels 230214


This is a reasonably good shooting star with good length

Action plan will be to look for a trigger to short.
week9 USDCAD D1 counter trend play 230214


ON h4 close i went for a Wr2B short , looking towards the neckline of a DT.
week9 USDCAD h4 Wr2B CTT 240214

updated 010314


First time short was break even out. But that was trade management in my opinion. No one knows what will happen eventually. And wednesday, expansion did prove right.
However, friday’s bearish expansion was a confirmation of a larger correction to come.
I will be going in with higher confidence. This trade is a potential A trade which warrants for larger position size.

week10 USDCAD wr2B 2nd round short 010314

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