week9 review : 9 trades done. Improved performance with better trade management

Week9 registered small profits and prevented massacre.
Was satisfied to see trade consistency coming back with no random trade entry and astute trade exit decisions.

1)USDCAD : +3 x 3 , CTT short but was BE. Nevertheless was excellent trade management

2)XAGUSD : -30 cents , too exited to trade on breakout, which was a failed break actually.
failure to subsequently trade out the bull trap that it become.

3)CADJPY : +65 , +77 , +75 nailed this pair with orthodox 1234 multi day bull trap

4)EURGBP : + 40 , BE +2 , follow plan to trade multi day 1234 with key resistance tested. Prevented losses by shifting BE correctly.

5)GBPCHF : -30 x 3 attempted quickie which did not succeed. Nevertheless almost hit TP ,but will need to take a constant look out for Orange Box. Will reflect on if WTT or CTT quickie makes a difference or not.

6)AUDCAD: -25 x 2 : orthodox 8 weeks up with multi day 1234 done with smaller 1234. But did not work out. No love lost.

7)EURAUD: +40 , +2 , +4 manual exit: the only call that went against the community and was correct. However last pos did not manage to hold till TP. Price wise , was very volatile. Still it was a trade that boosted internal confidence and empahsized on the importance of trader’s independence.

8)ASX : + 5 , +5 : Could have done better to TP more since it was heavy CTT. Greed got the better to TP more. will remember this trade.

9)CAC40 : + 10 : followed orothodox many weeks up and multi day 1234 wr. need to look harder at potential resistance for better TP.

What I did well :
Excellent trade entry at optimum price level
Excellent trade exit to avoid huge losses
Good trade management to shift BE

What i can do better:

Stronger in desire n mental strength to trust my analysis and ride out the winner


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