( -$6 x 3) week10 S&P fill gap @ support trade + P.A observation on Crimea invasion

Over the weekend , Ukraine declared emergency as Russia appeared ready for invasion from Crimea.

As Monday opened, which also happened to be the opening day for March,

shot up, completing a h1 IHS and without even giving any chance for entry.

week10 WTI price action observation after putin war declaration 030314

shot up as well, after a week of consolidation.
week10 XAUUSD h1 price action observation on crimea invasion 030314

S&P h4
plunged but remain held at support. 2 months high support.

I have however choose to long S&P as this plunge since stocks have closed higher on Feb close.
I will be seeing this plunge as merely an excellent chance to fill gap and long at key support.

week10 S & P long at gap down and support 030314

updated 040314

Tough luck , Sl before moving up, could have TP 2 pos before shifting even.
Nevertheless, no qualms, set Sl and move on.

week10 snp  spiked out -$6 040314


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