( +90, +50 , +30, +30) week10 GBPCAD CTT 1234 bull trap 3 day high lower high lower low


On Daily, price seem to have difficulty closing above the bullish month of January.
I could not find the resistance on a monthly level.
I assume price seems to be resisted with a bout 3 shooting star appearing.

week10 GBPCAD D1 Jan high as resistance 040314


On h4, a 1234 3 xh1 bull trap has been formed. As of Monday, 13Tl has been done and retested with a h4 shooting star.

On tuesday, added in positions as yet another h4 shooting star appearing, rejected from the 3 day high.

Seems like 1.800 is possible, looking at the D1 charts.
TP level yet to be determined.

week10 GBPCAD h4  1234  3 xh1 ctt bull trap lower high lower low 040314

updated 090314

Did well in this trade

1) nice pattern 1234 multi day setup.
2) acknowledged this is CTT , quick entry and hit TP which was meant to be smaller.
did well at being nimble in Counter trend trade.

week10 GBPCAD h4 good trade outcome +90 , +50 , +30 x 2 090314


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