week10 review: careful trades with steady decisions

This is a week considered to have relatively good discipline. Trades were executed as planned.
However, setups worthy of A trades did not came as planned and hence decision was made not to go heavy barrage on these trades.

AUDNZD : -25 x 3 petronas tower did not work according to plan. Was not according to any of the 5 triggers and hence good decision to manual exit early

USDCAD : +20 x 2 money was on these as ‘A trade’ with heavy barrage but exited early since it did not move much within the next 2 days. Decided to exit early. Price eventually went more than +150

however normal sized account was : +110 , +90

GBPCAD : +90,+50,+30 ,+30 : good decision to trade on a strong setup 1234 with bull trap.
Nevertheless still decision to quick tp on ctt as price eventually undone all bears on friday.

EURUSD : -50 x 3 quickie did not work out as was SL early but eventually price moved the correct direction. on HTF can see price did respect one of the big lvl identified.

EURNZD: +40 potshot no clear edge.

AUDUSD : +30 , +40 : with the momentum trade. Great TP before spike down.

gbpaud : +60 with momentum trade. This trade was meant to be “A trade” with havy barrage but some conditions were still not met.

EURAUD : scratch trade not the best condition for heavy barrage yet, similar with GBPAUD.

Hang Seng : +10 heavy barrage but did not move much

Snp : -$6 x 3 : price direction was right but was SL.


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