week11 AUDNZD 1234 with 3 day bull trap ‘A- trade’ week10 ( -25 x 3)


resistance is shown as D1 1234 seems to be failed at pt2 by a shooting star.
However, this 1234 is a matter of time.

week11 AUDNZD D1 1234 shows resistance 090314


Right now current flow is with a 1234 3 x h1 bull trap. This is one of the favorite trigger.
Setup has already been triggered. Waiting for retracement till
pt2 for best price trade.

Grading this trade as ” A – trade” however as due to potential limited space to move:
+80 pips broken into batches of 2 x 40 pips.

week11 AUDNZD h4 1234 3 xh1 bull trap 090314

Week10 trade based on ‘petronas tower’ was without trigger and died with -25pip early exit. Have recorded this.

updated 100314

this is my alternative radical view on how price may be coiling up for a stronger down move in time to come.

week11 AUDNZD D1 radical view of coiling energy 100314

Wun be touching this in the meantime.


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