( 3 pos in progress) week11GBPAUD potential Wr2b retest shoulder within shoulder ( +50) week10 trade outcome


So the big picture of right shoulder playing out turned out to be right.

week9 GBPAUD D1 2 shooting star 220214


Captured +50 from the big picture but a small pos at that since did not entry from the optimum price.
However, this week , looking at a potential Wr2B CTT towards right shoulder.
A short at the right shoulder at potimum price will be considered my A trade.
As i would have minimized risk by trading a pattern within pattern, but still following the big picture.

week11 GBPAUD h4 wr2b ctt towards A trade right shoulder trad outcome +50 090314

updated 140314

right call wrongful SL. Spiked out.

week11 GBPAUD h1 wr2b b3s4 killed by spike 120314

Subsequently on Wednesday night, the WR that I had been waiting for weeks appeared.

week11 GBPAUD h4 shoulder within shoulder 120314

Current progress however is in tentative mode. Price seems to be supported at the moment.
Execution wise is top notch.

I have chose not to TP as I believe in the overall symmetry of this pattern within pattern.
It warranted an ‘A trade’ status for me. Hit hard, hold long, wing big.
week11 GBPAUD h4  1234 entry position 140314


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