( 1pos in progress) week12 ( +24 points) week11 ASX DT from 2013 high @ 2 months neckline


This single chart tells a good story of how
1) resistance is being respected via a chart pattern
2) a previous lower high is going to be breached soon; a possible trigger presenting.

I like how mega w1 fib6 and 2013 high confluences together in becoming a resistance.

week11 ASX D1 Double top @ 2 month high 120314

This will be an A trade.

updated 140314

entered 1 pos at h4 close. since this is WR2D1B , shorted only 1 pos at h4 close.

week11 ASX pending D1 close 1 pos @ h4 140314

updated 180314

this setup in tentative now. It could go both way but I will prefer 1234 bull trap setup as it is still in line with bigger picture. Also it offers a smaller SL.

week12 ASX h4 wr3b or 1234 bull trap 180314


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