( +130 x 2) week11 CADJPY h1 1234 pennant continuation pattern momentum trade


very nice big picture with a decade head and shoulders. Undeniable resistance level.

week11 CADJPY mn hns rs 1234 140314


On D1, the resultant test of the ultra resistance level caused a massive move down, forming

a d1 1234 . A tx h4 1234 then retest the d1 13TL.
Shorted at a h1 1234 pennant type of continuation pattern.

Unfortunately , could not rate this A trade as did not find a key level to short from.

week11 CADJPY D1 13TL retest via h4 1234 140314


this is how i entered on h1. I acknowledged that this type of trade may see profit fastest as it is with the “now” moementum.

week11 CADJPY h1 1234 momentum trade 140314

updated 150314

+130 moving with the momentum with big picture in mind. quick profit exit. at 13TL

week11 CADJPY h4 +130 150314


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