( +200 , + 70 x2 , 40 x2 , -60 x3. 50 x 2) week11 EURAUD A trade WR2B for a right shoulder trade


Needs no further explanation that I have been tracking this pair for a long time to get into A trade short. Happened with a good Wr2B short. resistance was good as a fib6. Day closed as a shooting star. The next morning extremely good AUD news drove price down.

week11 EURAUD wr2B 120314

Box expansion hypothesis

Did a hypothesis on boxes also, how to preempt day expansion.

week11 EURAUD h4 hypothesis on possibility of bearish expansion + EP 130314

Fractals explanation
Indeed the theory was proven correct. Of so many days, thursday recorded as the first day of bearish expansion since late jan 2014.

week11 EURAUD fractals play 140314

holding this and looking for a big pip run as this is a large reversal pattern.

updated 220314

yes it was a big pattern but the internal battles are hard to fight. Masteries will require me to always be able to zoom out and prevent myself from getting trapped by tunnel vision.

week12 EURAUD h1 trade outcome 220314


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