week13 ( 1234 bull trap WTT shooting star) ( +29 x 2) week12 CADCHF 5 day bear trap CTT


Clearly this is a downtrend chart. however, a hammer plus a strong bullish day close gave me some reason to long after a 5 day low WR as well. Quick in quick out.

week12 CADCHF CTT 5 xh1 bear trap 210314

updated 220314

Did well with this CTT trade with a day 5 bear trade. Early exit ensured victory in Counter trend situation.

week12 CADCHF h4 +29 bear trap trade outcome 220314


week13 CADCHF D1 shooting star 2 day bull trap 1234 220313


week13 CADCHF h1 1234 battle plan 220314

clearly , this is definitely downtrend till 0.76XX
Will be using a 2 day high WR as bull trap to trigger off a d1 shooting star.

This will be one of the A trade next week.


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