( rd 1 +69) week13 DAX30 rapid TP with 3 day bull trap


which trades are worth holding and which requires rapid TP?

THEORY : playing off bull trap ( HEAD) requires rapid TP.

I think I might have arrived at better decision making in trade exit.

Trade a decent shooting star in DAX30 when price closed below 3 days high.

decided to take profit within 7 hours, which happened to be at the low of the day.

perhaps, when playing off a bull trap without 1234, it is wise to quick TP / shift BE since there is no immediate downflow.

Price is now retracing towards a suspected right shoulder. Will be looking to play off this shoulder. Have set a sell limit at fib confluence.

week13 DAX30 h4 3 day bull trap HNS RS 250314

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