( +10 , +20, -33) week13 EURJPY D1 1234 WR2B below d1 fib5


EURJPY seems to have completed a D1 1234. However, my suspicion arose when my favourite h4 setups were not present i.e 1234 multi day wr. Instead, this 1234 was completed on a d1 1234 not via a bearish expansion. I am slightly worried thus.

My moot will be a close below both d1 fib5 and w1 mega fib6. I will see price as having played

the d1 fib, from fib7 to fib5.

In excitment, I have also entered before h4 closes at 9am.

week13 EURJPY D1 1234 done WR2B below fib5 mega fib6 270314

updated 280314

week13 EURJPY h1 +20, +10 trade outcome 280313

week13 EURJPY D1 1234 resisted by power confluence my version 280314


Added new entry in the morning to attempt to latch on the subsequent 1234 D1.

updated 310314

this trade did not make it. Seems like USDJPY found strength in the last hours on Friday and hence decided to take a small loss. As it turned out, price expanded for the day. Managed to avert a disaster. But the best part was deciding to flip side and switched to risk on with GBPJPY long
week13 EURJPY -30 great cut loss 310314


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