Week13 Analysis on key stocks Bayer and Citigroup

Citigroup D1

A very strong 8 months WR of high, coming off from a 52 weeks level of 2009 2010 2013 high.
A bearish d1 flag is formed at fib5 , hence waiting for a strong bearish day for conclusive trigger.

week13 Citigroup D1 8 months WR8D1B + bear flag 270314

Bayer Mn

Possible resistance due to profit taking from Tp2?

week13 Bayer Mn resistance @ Tp2 260314

Bayer D1

A good case for a long for Bayer from a flush of 3 months low. Playing off a bull flag. break the 4 months high will indicate trend resumption.

week13 Bayer D1 Wr3D1B 1234 260314

updated 280314


It was a positive affirmation of my Technical Analysis skills after correctly identifying
this flag which helped to observe a subsequent plunge for $3. Should price leave this flag, then it may signal a furthur fall of price.
week13 Citigroup D1 3 dollar plunge after news 280314


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