( +35 , 35) week13 GBPAUD h1 2 xh1 low bear trap against strong down momentum


Down momentum is strong.

However,as price have reached d1 3 month hns neckline of sorts, price seems to have stall for 2 days with same low .

The third day tested the neckline and shortly, did a WR of 2 day low.
Looking for quick TP and small pos size for this trade.

week13 GBPAUD h1 2 xh1 bear trap fighting against momentum 280314

updated 310314

What an awesome trade call it was!
2 day bear trap , power support via d1 box + hns neckline.
Only blemish was the early TPs.
Notice an emerging trend here? Constant quick TP for super CTT trades.
What I could have done better was to
1) save 1 pos to run , shift BE to allay fear of losing.
It is ok to succumb to my identifed fears and weakness, but I will need to have a rectification process to improve on the situation.
2) Would have been better if I could use the previous 13TL as a guage, that should price close below, then it would render this CTT invalid.

week13 GBPAUD h1 2 x h1 bear trap outcome +35 early 310314


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