(+20) week13 GBPAUD momentum trade: Hitting hard when it matters


Saw this one in a blue moon setup and was certain that price will reach the neckline.
Decided to hit hard and funded $$ in via CC.

week13 GBPAUD h1 1234 tx big hitter 310314

However, outcome was disappointing as eventually decided to pull out after a nice initial run.
Still collected some $$ since it was much larger than usual lot size.

Positives from this trade:

1) Ability to recognize high success rate pattern have definitely improved. When was first alerted to this pattern, subconscious immediately screamed out to take this trade and hit hard. Instinct was also that this pattern would not travel further than the neckline, but a 80 pips was guaranteed. The level of confidence for this trade can be descirbed as ” without a doubt”

2) Willingness to take risk at incisive moments have also been proven after CC was taken out to pump in a considerable amount to trade this pattern.

AFI: the decision to pull out this trade was a blemish to the overall success of this groundbreaking trade. I MUST dare to see through my trades, to reach the outcomes that I want.


Yet I am heartened that I have taken a crucial step towards heavy upsizing, when it mattered most.

I believe I am getting at next stage where I want to be, which is hitting big and holding for the home run when it matters.


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