week13 Q1 trade duration analysis


Have analysed my trades based on duration. Mentioned will be my area for improvement.

1) Will look to increase opportunities to TP @ 5-8% of capital growth. Increasing moderate winners to shore up profit core.

2) too many scratch trades. i can postulate this as a) not taking enough risk to allow good setups to run its course. or b) break even trades were made to protect capital as some may turn from winners to losers.

3) Losers were few but they were bigger as well. Will aim towards containing losers under 4%. This concept is amorphous. While it is easy to satisfy risk exposure aspect; by just decreasing overall risk % per trade, it also meant that I cannot get big on A grade setup. i will be looking to trade big whenever A trade appears.
Hence the solution to this will be to hit hard when A trade comes.
b) there were still moments of folly, noobish mistakes, like onerousness position size entry. In the next month will seek to reduce number of follies to increase overall profitability.

4) Profit factor is 1.77. Overall profitable but it means I am losing almost as much as I win. Will need to focus on cutting down losing trades.

week13 Trade duration analysis for 412271 290314

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