week13 review: strong trading week with some breakthrough

And so Q1 came and gone.
I have left my job for about 2 months, and devoted myself to mastering both self and the craft of trading.

Overall, account has been growing and I am encouraged to continue on documenting my trades, thoughts and actions so I can continue to reflect and clock the 10,000 hours required for mastery.

EURAUD + 150 average : nailed down the trend correctly, with the HNS pattern which i have tracking religiously. next step will be to hit hard for these type of trade.

GBPAUD +150 average : too many in and out trade. But I did a groundbreaking trade for myself when I CC $$ in to hit big for a pattern.

EURJPY : + 20 , – 34 . A d1 1234 did not move as analysed no worries

GBPJPY: +90 x 2 happy to do this trade , as this was a flip trade. After manual cut eurjpy , went long on usdjpy

USDCAD : -34 D1 13Tl trade did not materialize, but i was happy to do a flip trade and went long on GBPCAD. Manual Tp was +50 x 2

EURNZD +170. Winner after NZD good news was out * star trade*

AUDSGD : h1 cup and handle to go long ended up as failure ctt 2 xh1 bull trap -25 with bigger lot size

GBPCHF : -50, -100 , -70 , -60 mistake after mistake. failure of shooting star . some thoughts on shooting star will be that location of it matters as well.

FT100 : boredom trade – 70, got out at next market open. Unnecessary trade.

DAX30 : +70 , rd 1 -25 rd 2. rapid trades helped locked in profit.

CAC40: + 50 , + 10 BE rapid Tp trades helped locked in profit.

EURSGD: Wr3D1B + 60

Setups that I misssed : WR3B CADJPY
Account doubled and looking forward to the next doubling.


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