week13 theory on MA and it can be used GBPAUD and EURAUD case study


This is one example of how I will look to use MA in helping me stack position in this coming quarter.

As GBPAUD had a previous 3 months worth of consolidation , the move down the right shoulder was smooth, but yet I could not capitalize fully on it, taking pockets and chunks along the way instead.

Hence I will be looking to use MA to assist in stacking, whereas stacking shall only occur in smooth n gradual trend.
Since 200 MA is used , therefore trend will be defined as min. 8 days ( 8 x24 periods) and best 10 days.

However, the veto will still be fib5/6 levels and better , WR of multi boxes.

week13 GBPAUD  h1 MA analysis of 2 instance for short oppoturnity 280314


However in this chart, it shows how MA can be used in a discretionary method. Here I have chose to use 200MA in D1 setting, since month to month EURAUD is still up.

I can only say that at the end of the day, usage of any technical tool will be best optimized in a discretionary manner.

week13 EURAUD D1 200MA vs HNS 280314


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