( BE + 2) week14 GBPUSD WR2B confirmed waiting for 1234


From D1 a WR2B has been completed.
Res is from D1 box high

yesterday close was a bearish day close.
However my concern will be the previous week upflow.
If price cannot close below d1 line chart, then problems may arise and instead serve to become the support that forms the right shoulder for ihs.

It will have to see a bearish day expansion before I look into

1) adding more positions.
2) looking to short into GBPAUD trend.

week14 GBPUSD h4 WR2B d1 line chart to close below 020414


trade was break even SL but did not have the conviction for subsequent reentry, due to possiblity of d1 line chart acting up an ihs. Even as h1 showed 2 spikes on wr2b optimum entry zone, as hesitant. This was in part of the community’s bullish bias.
But I was right again. I can only depend on myself.

however after yesterday’s bearish close, price is now ready for a 1234 short on rally

h4 charts paints a confirmation of wr2B

week14 GBPUSD Wr2B completed looking for retracement 040414


really hoping for a h1 1234 setup to come and this will be a solid trade , at least A- trade for me to hit. May also wish to input this bearish bianess into GBPAUD A trade setup also.

week14 GBPUSD h1 looking for 1234 pt4 @ 3 day low 040414


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