( 1 pos in progress)week14 EURNZD H4T play coming into play with d1 shooting star , week14 1234 comepleted, add on retrace


Price @ d1 fib5 downflow and printed a shooting star.

week14 EURNZD D1 shooting star at fib5 040414


I will prefer to see a small hns at least to get in on this short. At the very least, I can tank up slightly bigger position since
factors mooting for this short will be :

1)H4T- flow with me if i go short
2)shooting star- reliable signal but requires an intraday retracement to reduce risk.
3) 50% retracement of previous month

week14 EURNZD h1 waiting for small HNS will be better 040414

updated 060414

It was a great shooting star seen which seemed confluence with d1 fib5 and was in line with past 3 weeks trend. yet the right shoulder never came which would have minimized my pip risk and hence allowed me to stack more pos. Eventually, i had to enter on h4 close below previous day low.
Price now seem to have completed a 1234. Come monday, I will look to add on retracement towards 1234 , 2 days high.

week14 EURNZD h1 adapted entry 060414


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