( bearish engulfing kicker pending 1234, +$4 big) week16 ( +$4 x 3 ) week15 XAUUSD h4 cup and handle


Price is supported at 2 months high + fib5 upflow.

xauusd d1 fib5 + 2 months high 080414


Earlier trigger would have been the 3 day bear trap identified on last friday before NFP. But that would have been more speculative.
However , past few days have,

on h4, gold is seeing a type of ‘stepping up’ action , higher high and higher low

week15 XAUUSD H4 cup and handle Entry point 080414

updated 090414

added 3rd entry in the morning.
market is testing my patience. market is turning up and down. But i need to believe in my analysis. Tonight FOMC will be decider.
week15 XAUUSD H4 cup and handle 080414

week15 xauusd 3 entry added 090414

updated 160414

not the best outcome of trade, pulled out since price had problems moving up. eventually price went up to 1330, but who knows?

week16 XAUUSD h1  +4 x 3 trade outcome 160414

New development for short bias

On tuesday , price completed a bearish kicker which showed a very violent reversal. I will be looking for a retracement entry to go short and to go hard on it, should a 1234 appear and resistance can be well defined @ 1307.

I will be looking for an intraday 1234 setup rather than a multi-day, as strong violent reversal warrants immediate attention imo.

week16 XAUUSD h4 bearish kicker potential 1234 a trade 160414

updated 190414

got out with +$4, but with a larger position size on sell limit. Right or wrong?

1. Nailed the resistance correctly when w1 level + fib5 downflow + h4 box high became the confluence.

2. Placed a larger than usual sell limit and when price triggered, got out with $4 profit at the next hour.

Seems like fear of losing/instant gratification in the context of holding on to other paper losses at the next point of time.

Trade plan, trade execution were good.
Trade management was not good and there was definitely more room for improvement.

Could have done better to just partially TP and shift to SL at that point of time.

week16 XAUUSD h1 sell limit +4 quick tp right or wrong 190414


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