( 2 pos in progress) week15 S & P 500 bearish engulfing day candlestick over 3 day low


weekly charts shows that price is showing selling pressure with a combination of bearish engulfing weeks and a shooting star.
This happened at a 3 months flat high which happened to be close to high of 2013 as well.

These are the conditions which presents an easy setup for a bull trap to happen.

week15 SNP w1 bearish engulfing n shooting star 110414


On thursday a very bearish d1 candlestick engulfed 3 days of high and low.
This candlestick also wash n rinsed 2 months high + 2013 high.
Price has now failed, in style, to stay above the 52 weeks high of 2013, suggesting the selling pressure seen in w1 chart may continue soon.

week15 SNP d1 3 day bearish engulfing 110414

updated 150414

+ 21 for 2 positions. Had to manual TP as traded on CMC new platform. Seems likely to be market maker. PLaced TP level at 1811 but lowest price went was 1813 when Axi registered 1808. Had to manually exit trades.

Indices still down, looking for re-entry via DAX or DOW.

week16 SNP500 D1 line chart sup trade outcome +21  150414


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