( week16 pending 13TL) week9 Footsie Big picture , waiting for Counter Trend bull trap

Naked Chartist

looking at Footise monthly big picture.
price at 2007 high.
Waiting for clearer chart patterns.

week8 Footsie Monthly big picture 210214

updated 240214

looking at a 3 x h1 bull trap to play off this black candle off the 2007 high.
This is a CT , which I hope to evolve to bigger things.
Looking to TP early, as maybe price may be forming the head and perhaps a right shoulder?
Will be using trigger no5. 5: CT bull trap.

week9 footsie CT 3 xh1 bull trap 240214

updated 130414

I did not managed to catch the shorts on the previous setup from 7 weeks ago.

However I will be looking to see if footsie can completed a D1 13 Tl which may trigger the start of a potential topping out @ 6800.

week16 Footsie w1 line chart distribution pattern ED channel 130414

From the monthly big picture it is scary to see that upon each topping out @ 6800 price will subsequently fall hard.

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