week16 potential Double Top ( +$6) week14 Coffee multi day 1234 bull trap

Naked Chartist


On Monthly price registered a strong doji, suggesting a bearish bias

week14 Coffee Monthly 010414


Price may seem flattish at the moment, but it seems to be resisted by Feb high.
One key criteria for me is that yesterday was the first day of 5 day bull trap completed.
My resistance is now defined and Sl quantified.

week14 Coffee D1 multi day bull trap 020414

updated 020414

TP as planned at a h4 box low with $14, approx. 7% of price plunge.
It was planned to be an experimental trade on commodities, using tflow methods which turned out to be equally applicable as well.

week14 Coffee h1 TP +14 dollar 020414

updated 140414


price has since invalidated the 1234 and now back towards the previous top. Suspecting a Double Top but no setup to short from the top.

week16 coffee w1 not a strong bearish close 140414


Earliest setup i can do to short will be a wr2b ctt.
But if price can be halted at fib5 for a second time, that may suggest…

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