(rd2: waiting for week17 retracement)( +37 , +7,+7) week16 USDCAD w1 Wr2D1B with a hammer


On higher timeframe, USDCAD is still up. upon a bear trap of 2 months high via a w1 hammer,
I am looking for price to continue up. No setup yet but entered long on a retracement on monday.

week16 USDCAD w1 Wr2d1b with hammer 150414

updated 200414

reason for exit was not strong. Had it reached a key level? Was there a very bearish signal?

Early exit was not right, but considering one of the protocol was quick exit for fairly poor entry, then this action may be acceptable.

week16 USDCAD trade outcome +7 BE + 37 200414

trend is still up though.
looking at the recent upmove, price is perhaps wishing to test fib5. perhaps still 40-50 pips of movement.

week17 USDCAD D1 still up till fib5 200414


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