( 1 pos in progress) week16 NASDAQ D1 200MA + @ 3 months support

Naked Chartist

zoomed out D1

200mA seems to have worked well in the past year for this chart. Every touch of 200mA seems to follow up with a 200-300 points rebound.

week16 NASDAQ D1  10mth uptrend now at 200mA 140414


Therefore can this touch of 200MA serve to provide the bounce that may form the right shoulder ( pending price action)? After all , there is a 3 months low which formed as support. Unless price crashes below this level, have to assume that price is now at a confluence support.

But still, no setup to long , yet.

week16 NASDAQ D1 potential  hns @ suspected neckline 140414

updated 150414

A bullish day close bounce from the 200MA. Looking for a retracement to get CTT long

week16 NASDAQ D1 watching for ctt setup 150414

updated 160414

a 3 day bear trap has been completed @ the key zone.
Positions have been entered for a ctt long setup

week16 NASDAQ h1 3 day bear trap 160414

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