week16 review small details make the difference between winning n losing

week16 was a short 4 day trading week, relatively quiet.

This week I had some happiness with the brokers over TP issues. I have learnt some lessons along the way and hope I can use experiences gained to better my performances in the future.

GBPCAD: in progress

USDCAD : +37,+7 x2 securing profits along the way before news

WTI: -$2 50% spike out , BE + 20c 50% . Was not happy with broker that I was stopped out right at the high when SL price was not triggered. But seems that this is a perennial problem and will have to work on overcoming the bid-ask issue. Also, I need to take into consideration rollover effects in the future.

ASX: + 50 x2 , paper loss – 90 x 5 . 2nd trade having issue with broker. Did not set SL on entry but set TP, which price uncannily turned right at that level. However, broker did not honour the TP and price rebounded from there. It is always a sucky feeling when TP trades turn to SL trades. I have not experienced this for a long time already. On one hand, it feels great to know that skill level have improved to be able to recongize key market turning point; on the other hand, it is bad when trades did not get exited at theat level due to spread.

At week17, will have to monitor if I need to cut bigger loss to move on.

2nd lesson learnt.

EURGBP: +2 BE. Big position but lost conviction when others showed me their analysis. Have only myself to blame for not having conviction and belief in my own analysis.

SNP500: + 20 excellent exit on monday plunge. therefore price rebounded fiercely

XAUUSD: +$4 Tp on bigger position.

Trades that I have missed:

GBPUSD on h4 hammer.

Overall, this week was not a good week for my trading. Greater effort in taking care of details would have made much difference, similar as to sporting days when that small 1% in details meant the difference between scoring a try or not in touch.

Looking back, the TP n Sl levels on ASX would have made the difference by winning on defensive plays as opposing to losing much.


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