week 17 review crap start decent finish

Have not checked , but in my recent memories of trades done in the past 3 months, I have rarely been wrong in market direction.

It is quite often that I have gotten the market direction right.

The issue is market direction alone is insufficient to profit consistently.

Market timing is equally important as well, and finally the conviction that determines how much $$ is to be made.

Having said that , I believe I still have some more work in market timing;
having the patience is one important aspecting in improving on my market timing, as many a times great trades have often been let down by my impatience which results in poorer entry price and hence poorer market timing.

Yet there are also times when failure to hit bigger positions have resulted in lesser profits.

week17 clearly highlighted the need to have conviction ( old topic) which on occasion can help overcome poor mkt timing.

AUDCAD short: -50 ( big position) Stopped my self out just before AUD news which would have sent my trade in the eventual correct direction. Planned SL was v good but i had decided to stop myself out.

SPI200 short: -120 x 5. This was a hideous trade gone wrong which was carried over from week16.

AUDNZD : + 135 , +145 , +45 ( long) , ( +150 , +110 , +70 rd 2 short) This was the highlight of the week when i flipped sides decisively, ,manual exiting and then shorting the other way. With a few more trades like this at a bigger position and I believe I will be entering the next stage of trading.

EURAUD: long + 160 x 1 long. Smaller position entered during 4M analysis when everyone was bullish on AUD. Believed and held on to this trade.

AUDCHF : short + 100 x 3 mirror trades from EURAUD

GBPAUD : long +40 x 1 spin off from AUD bear

AUDSGD: short A trade : + 34 , +4 , +10 ( big pos size) was confident of at least 30 pips based on chart pattern but feeling the jitters once price failed 2 times to go below support. Decided to modify tp and eventually took away 34+ . was a good feel to have taken profit on an A-trade.

GBPJPY : short +60 x 2 speculative short which managed to TP at spike low

WTI: short in progress

USDJPY : short in progress

NIFTY50 : short in progress

Corn : long A trade but since it is new market, smaller position. in progress

There seems to be a recurrent pattern. In a week I will tend to start week but end strong.
I should look into how I can capitalize on my stronger days to bank in more profits and minimize losses on weak days.
Yet I do not want to fall into a mental block that ” I am weak on early -week and strong on late-week” . Anything is possible in trading. I need to keep my mind open to open myself to all best opportunities for profiting.


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