( +40,+50) week18 AUDUSD Wr2B CTT via 1234 2 day WR bull trap

overall, still waiting for AUD to turn strength, and then showhand trade.

But it is not right now.


WR2B CTT has just happened.

week18 AUDUSD Wr2B CTT 280414


h1 shows an orthodox 1234 2 xh1 WR bull trap. Price barely touched blue box on a spike.
On WR, it happened to be at 5 pm. It was instinctive to enter on this trade.
Resistance was defined by recent h4 boxes high and low.
I will be looking to exit on blue box and last h4 box low.

week18 AUDUSD h1 1234 2 xh1 bull trap 280414

updated 290414

feels great when trade move fast and settled within 12 hours. It is still considered counter trend movement so I believed I have done the right thing for quick profit taking @ the last week week low and the final position @ blue box.

I am now ready for a potential rebound from AUD bulls and have planted a sell limit for EURAUD.

week18 AUDUSD h1 trade outcome + 40 +50 290414


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