( 2 pos in progress) week18 AUDJPY Wr3B with tx 1234


Saw a small WR on h4.
On d1 price has closed above 3 weeks high.
Granted entry might not be the best as I got long at the top , and price is having some dip now.

Wr3B has been done , with support from recent d1 box high.
Traded this as 1) pip risk is small.

2) Looking to play on AUD strength as well as AUDUSD also completed a 4 day bear trap.
Looking to see if JPY can give the boost to move furthur up.

week18 AUDJPY wr3B with tx 1234 WR 300414


However, some immediate threats are presented. Some bears still looking to short though.

week18 AUDJPY h4 wr3b immediate threat 300414

A trade checklist

on the checklist, it was horrors as this trade was not supposed to be a top class trade.
In objectivity,

1)this is a range trade, but low WRMB pip risk was the main attraction.
2)At least a day expansion will be better to confirm things.
3) pip risk reduced should come with same lot size, not stack even more lots just to risk as much $$.

week18 AUDJPY A trade checklist 300414


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